Christian Lee Hutson Announces Headline Dublin Show
The Grand Social
Thursday, 19th May 2022
Tickets €14.90 Incl. booking fee
Doors 8pm | Over 18's | ID Required
+ Special guest, Elanor Moss

 On his ANTI- Records debut Beginners, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Christian Lee Hutson
embeds every lyric with his most intimate self-dialogue, sharing painful confessions and private jokes,
imagined conversations and elaborate daydreams. The album—produced by his friend and collaborator
Phoebe Bridgers—spotlights a nuanced songcraft and understated candor that all but erases the distance
between feeling and expression. Throughout this collection of songs, Hutson ultimately speaks an
illuminating truth about regret and forgiveness and the endless confusion in growing up.
“I went with Beginners as the title because that’s where I feel like I am in my life—like I’m still just learning
and trying to figure out how to navigate the world,” Hutson notes.

Hutson and Bridgers recorded Beginners at L.A.’s legendary Sound City Studios, but purposely preserved
the homespun quality of his cell-phone-recorded demos. “With almost all the songs, we started with my
voice memos and then figured out what to add—if anything—as opposed to going in with some grand
idea of what it should sound like,” Hutson recalls. “Phoebe and I have the same musical shorthand, which
made it really easy to share and add to each other's ideas.” Beginners mines its subtle textures from

Hutson’s warm vocals and graceful guitar work, and also unfolds flashes of sonic brilliance achieved with
the help of its guest musicians—including Bridgers herself, as well as Nathaniel Walcott of Bright Eyes
(who created all the string arrangements for the album, in addition to playing trumpet).
On Beginners’ softly heartbreaking lead single “Lose This Number,” Hutson reveals one of his greatest
strengths as a songwriter: a rare ability to infuse his lyrics with myriad idiosyncratic detail, yet leave the
narrative slippery enough for the listener to fill in their own meaning. Throughout the song—inspired by a
loved one’s ordeal in what Hutson refers to as “knowing you really fucked up and there’s no way to go
back”—his storytelling is threaded with incisive turns of phrase (e.g., “It’s like I was born on the back of a
bullet/With your name written on it”).

An album steeped in impossibly vivid memory, Beginners moves between tender nostalgia and self-
effacing humor on “Northsiders”—a song about “all the posturing you do in high school because you don’t
know who you are yet,” according to Hutson (sample lyric: “Morrissey apologists/Amateur
psychologists/Serial monogamists/We went to different colleges”). His often-bemused reflection on
growing up in L.A. turns to “this very common experience of kids I knew getting sent to rehab at a really
young age” on “Seven Lakes.” And on “Get The Old Band Back Together,” Beginners slips into a
strangely joyful mood as the track slowly warps into an epic sing-along sending up Hutson’s own teenage

The Santa Monica-native took up guitar at age 12 and soon started self-recording on a four-track in his
bedroom, largely inspired by the DIY sensibilities of artists like Elliott Smith. Hutson’s universe has
expanded considerably since then, having co-written a song on the 2018 debut EP from boygenius and
two on the 2019 debut LP from Better Oblivion Community Center (with whom Hutson also toured as both
a guitarist and support act). Last year, he toured supporting artists including Julia Jacklin and Okkervil
River as well.

With the release of Beginners, Hutson hopes his audience might find solace in his deliberate emotional
transparency. “I want people to feel like it’s okay: we’re all here fucking up all the time; we’re all just
learning and living, and it’s going to be all right,” Hutson says. “I don’t even know if I fully believe that, but
it’s the voice I always wished I had in my life.”

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