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Before proceeding, your answer may be found in our FAQ section.  Please also read the following points before you send your inquiry:

  • MCD does not sell tickets. Any & all ticketing queries should be directed to Ticketmaster via your My Account function. If you do not have an account, you should create one prior to submitting your request.
  • We have all our upcoming gigs in our listings section, if your question is about a future gig keep checking the site or subscribe to the newsletter. Requests for info about gigs not listed on the site will not be answered.
  • MCD does not distribute 1) backstage passes 2) VIP passes or 3) wristbands to the general public. Requests for passes/wristbands will not be answered.
  • MCD cannot arrange any individual Meet & Greets, or shout outs by artists at our events. Meet & Greets, where available, will be purchasable via Ticketmaster’s website. Individual requests will not be answered.
  • Stage Times, where available, will only be provided via MCD social media or venue platforms. Where times are released, please note these are subject to change. Requests for stage times will not be answered.
  • Accessible tickets, where available, are purchasable via Ticketmaster – any requests to relocate your seats owing to a change in circumstances must be made via your Ticketmaster My Account function. We cannot facilitate ticket exchanges directly.
  • If you have any other accessibility queries with regard to toilet facilities, dietary requirements etc., please send an email to [email protected] This email address is exclusively for the use of wheelchair and other accessible bookers – please do not send general queries about access to tickets or presales to this inbox, as these will not be answered. Please see bottom of page for information you need to include in your query. Queries won’t be queued for answering until all details are received.
  • For all general customer queries, excluding accessible queries, please contact [email protected]. Please see bottom of page for information you need to include in your query. Queries won’t be queued for answering until all details are received.
  • Any business to business queries should be sent to [email protected]. Please don’t send customer queries to this email address as they will not be answered.

Please include the following information with all queries:

·       Show name

·       Show date

·       Show venue

·       The name on your booking

·       The email address associated with your booking

·       A contact phone number

·       Your Ticketmaster order reference number (format 1-23456 or 12-34567 unless tickets purchased on resale)

·       Is your booking for accessible tickets or general admission tickets

·       If yours is an accessible query, please also include your Ticketmaster AAR number*

*Your Ticketmaster AAR number is the unique identifier you receive when you register for Ticketmaster’s accessible database. If you do not have a Ticketmaster AAR number and you have an accessible query, please register via your Ticketmaster MyAccount function (on a laptop/desktop or mobile site, not via the app) before to submitting your query to us, and when you receive your AAR number include it with your enquiry. We will need your AAR when processing accessible queries, and won’t be able to progress them until we have this in hand.