21 January 2021.

Glastonbury is the biggest festival in the world and it’s sad to see that, due to its enormous scale and taking several months to get the city-sized festival site ready, that it’s unable to go ahead this year.

By comparison, Irish festivals are much smaller and as such it only takes weeks rather than months to build.

MCD will continue to listen to and follow the advice from the Government and remain positive about events in the summer.

At this time, the virus is particularly prevalent and we all need to keep each other safe and adhere to the restrictions that are in place for our safety and to relieve the pressure on the HSE.

With the effective roll out of the vaccine across the country, there is good reason to be optimistic but as the government have always said, it is too early for them to say when current restrictions on events might be lifted and we respect that.

MCD are continuing to monitor the situation throughout Ireland and across Europe and we will continue to issue updates on a regular basis, please visit:  https://mcd.ie/rescheduled-events/

Together we can all strive to beat the COVID-19 pandemic – please take care and stay safe.


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