#MCDBehindTheLens Vol. 2 – Danni Froto

From a sports orientated family, Danni took the chance to skip school where she could to sneak into town and watch the buskers – which she is yet to tell her mother about but probably wouldn’t apologise for anyway.

It was there, on Dublin’s Grafton Street, where she found her second family among the talented group of performers. While struggling to find her place with this new group of friends, she ‘rose through the ranks’ so to speak, doing everything from packing and karting gear up and down the streets to selling CDs to keeping solo acts company while ‘holding spot’ – an ancient tradition among buskers while waiting in line for their turn to play. But it wasn’t until her first paycheck at a summer job and a little help from her still unsuspecting mother that a camera fell into her possession. From this day forth, between CD-sale rounds, a young Danni took photos of everything she could see. Focussing, of course, on her first love, the soundtrack of the streets – Dublin’s buskers.

Wanting to photograph more and more as the days went by, it was by pure dumb luck that Danni met the right people at the right time, and finally got to photograph her first ever live gig – Saint Sister in the Unitarian Church, an MCD gig, and with that, music was stuck with her and she’s kept photographing ever since!

Danni’s Top 3:

1 – Somebody’s Child
2 – Martin McDonnell
3 – Billie Eilish

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