, Customer Information Regarding Rescheduled Events

Following the Government of Ireland directive to cancel all events of over 100 capacity (indoor) and 500 capacity (outdoor) due to take place between 12th – 29th March and all gatherings from 30th March – 19th April 2020, MCD Productions has postponed all affected shows in the interests of the health and welfare of all.

MCD Productions is continuing to work with artists and venues to reschedule all dates.

Original tickets purchased for all events remain valid for rescheduled dates which will be notified to patrons on confirmation.

MCD Productions wish to thank all our staff, customers and artists for their continued co-operation and understanding during this unprecedented time.


The Regrettes 12-Mar-20 Academy 01-Sep-20
Rhod Gilbert 12-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 24-Jan-21
Ludovico Einaudi 12 & 13 March 20 Bord Gais Energy Theatre announcement pending
Rhod Gilbert 13-Mar-20 Cork Opera House 25-Jan-21
Keith Barry 13-Mar-20 Everyman Theatre, Cork 27-Jun-20
Mario Rosenstock 13-Mar-20 Leisureland, Galway 12-Sep-20
Country To Country 13-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 12-Mar-21
Country To Country 14-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 13-Mar-21
Mario Rosenstock 14-Mar-20 Radisson Hotel, Athlone 17-Apr-20
Country To Country 15-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 14-Mar-21
The Stunning 14-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 23-May-20
Keith Barry 14-Mar-20 Woodlands Hotel, Waterford 25-Jun-20
Rhod Gilbert 14-Mar-20 Cork Opera House 26-Feb-21
Hak Baker 15-Mar-20 Whelans announcement pending
M Huncho 15-Mar-20 The Academy Green Room 07-Sep-20
David McWilliams 15-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre announcement pending
Lighting Seeds 15-Mar-20 The Academy 17-Sep-20
Aslan 16-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 23-Sep-20
Yellawolf 16-Mar-20 The Academy announcement pending
Horslips 17-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 15-Nov-20
The Who 18-Mar-20 3Arena 05-Mar-21
Grace Carter 18-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 12-Oct-20
King Krule 19-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 14-Oct-20
Seafret 20-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 07-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 21-Mar-20 Gleneagle INEC, Killarney 19-Jun-20
Malaki 21-Mar-20 Whelans 18-Sep-20
I Prevail 21-Mar-20 The Academy announcement pending
Jackie Beverly 21-Mar-20 Whelans 25-Sep-20
Everyone You Know 22-Mar-20 The Grand Social 19-Sep-20
Smino 22-Mar-20 Button Factory 05-Nov-20
Eve Belle 25-Mar-20 The Sound House announcement pending
William Du Vall 25-Mar-20 Whelans announcement pending
Stephanie Rainey 26-Mar-20 Button Factory 03-Jun-20
Mario Rosenstock 27-Mar-20 Knocknarea Arena, Sligo 27-Jun-20
Cry Monster Cry 27-Mar-20 Pepper Cannister Church 02-Oct-20
The Doors Alive 27-Mar-20 The Academy 10-Jun-20
DigDat 27-Mar-20 The Academy 04-Sep-20
Aimee 27-Mar-20 Whelans 07-Oct-20
Litany 27-Mar-20 The Grand Social announcement pending
Mario Rosenstock 28-Mar-20 Clanrea Hotel, Letterkenny 26-Jun-20
Scarypoolparty 28-Mar-20 Whelans announcement pending
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
10am Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
10am Show
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
1pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
1pm Show
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
4pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
4pm Show
Why Axis 28-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 25-Sep-20
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
10am Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
10am Show
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
1pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
1pm Show
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
4pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
4pm Show
Elbow 29-Mar-20 Waterfront Hall 28-Jun-20
Elbow 28-Mar-20 3Arena 29-Jun-20
Santana 29-Mar-20 3Arena announcement pending
bbNo$ 29-Mar-20 The Academy 24-Nov-20
The Night Cafe 30-Mar-20 Academy 2 01-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 31-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 01-Oct-20
David Gray 31-Mar-20 The SSE Arena, Belfast 23-Mar-21
Mario Rosenstock 01-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 12-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 02-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 13-Oct-20
William  Prince 02-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 04-Oct-20
David Gray 02-Apr-20 3Arena 25-Mar-21
David Gray 03-Apr-20 3Arena 26-Mar-21
Mario Rosenstock 03-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 15-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 04-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 16-Oct-20
David Gray 04-Apr-20 3Arena 27-Mar-21
Alex Gough 03-Apr-20 Bloody Mary’s, Upgraded to The Grand Social 24-Sep-20
Pussycat Dolls 05-Apr-20 3Arena 02-Nov-20
New Hope Club 05-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre, Moving To The Academy 24-Aug-20
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 07-Apr-20 Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey 07-Nov-20
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 09-Apr-20 Leisureland, Galway announcement pending
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 10-Apr-20 3Arena 06-Nov-20
Mario Rosenstock 10-Apr-20 Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny 16-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 11-Apr-20 Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny 30-Sep-20
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 11-Apr-20 Ulster Hall, Belfast 05-Nov-20
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 12-Apr-20 INEC Killarney 08-Nov-20
John Gibbons 13-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 30-Sep-20
Moncrieff 16-Apr-20 The Academy 12-Sep-20
Sorcha Richardson 17-Apr-20 The Button Factory 10-Sep-20
Lydia Ford 17-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 02-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 17-Apr-20 Radisson Hotel, Athlone 04-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 18-Apr-20 The Dome,    Thurles 11-Sep-20
Will and the People 18-Apr-20 Whelan’s 20-Oct-20
Hinds 18-Apr-20 The Grand Social 17-Sep-20
Lilla Vargen 19-Apr-20 The Grand Social announcement pending
Harry Styles 19-Apr-20 3Arena 19-Mar-21
Milton Jones 20-Apr-20 Cork Opera House, Cork 27-Apr-21
Milton Jones 21-Apr-20 Town Hall Theatre, Galway 28-Apr-21
Rak-Su 22-Apr-20 The Academy 10-Sep-20
Simple Minds 22-Apr-20 3Arena 22-Feb-21
Pauric O’Meara 24-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 09-Oct-20
Milton Jones 24-Apr-20 Millenium Forum, Derry 29-Apr-21
Milton Jones 25-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 30-Apr-21
Marcus Woods 25-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 03-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 25-Apr-20 South Court Hotel, Limerick 25-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 26-Apr-20 Cork Opera House, Cork 24-Sep-20
Milton Jones 26-Apr-20 Ulster Hall, Belfast 01-May-21
Brian Deady 26-Apr-20 The Grand Social 09-Sep-20
Kawala 27-Apr-20 The Academy 23-Nov-20
The Last Waltz 30-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 28-Feb-21
Ben Portsmouth 08-May-20 Olympia Theatre 21-May-21
Ben Portsmouth 09-May-20 Olympia Theatre 22-May-21
Sophie Doyle Ryder 09-May-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 19-Sep-20
Jordan Mackampa 10-May-20 The Grand Social 26-Nov-20
Emily 7 16-May-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 10-Oct-20
Dua Lipa 18-Jun-20 3Arena 08-Jan-21
Dua Lipa 19-Jun-20 3Arena 09-Jan-21
, Customer Information Regarding Rescheduled Events