Issued by MCD Productions

Further to the Government’s announcement to ban all events over 5,000 capacity that require a licence until 31st August 2020, MCD Productions is in the process of rescheduling all affected shows.

We will continue to issue updates regarding rescheduled shows for which existing tickets will remain valid.

Regrettably, it will not be possible to reschedule all of the affected events and a small number will be cancelled with full refunds available.

For all other events the current government directive on the holding of mass gatherings remains in place until 20th July 2020.

MCD is fully supportive of these safety measures and will continue to work with the Government of Ireland and the HSE in the interests of the health and welfare of all.

We wish to thank all our customers, artists and staff for their continued co-operation and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Most importantly, thank you to our medical and frontline workers who we can continue to support by implementing HSE Guidelines as we all strive to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.


Take care and stay safe



The Regrettes 12-Mar-20 Academy 01-Sep-20
Rhod Gilbert 12-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 24-Jan-21
Bobbi Arlo 12-Mar-20 Whelan’s, Upstairs 01-Oct-20
Ludovico Einaudi 12-Mar-20 Bord Gais Theatre Moved to 3Arena 25-Nov-20
Ludovico Einaudi 13-Mar-20 Bord Gais Theatre Moved to 3Arena 25-Nov-20
Rhod Gilbert 13-Mar-20 Cork Opera House 25-Jan-21
Mario Rosenstock 13-Mar-20 Leisureland, Galway 12-Sep-20
Country To Country 13-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 12-Mar-21
Country To Country 14-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 13-Mar-21
Country To Country 15-Mar-20 3Arena, Dublin 14-Mar-21
The Stunning 14-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 26-Mar-21
Keith Barry 14-Mar-20 Woodlands Hotel, Waterford 05-Sep-20
Rhod Gilbert 14-Mar-20 Cork Opera House 26-Feb-21
M Huncho 15-Mar-20 The Academy Green Room 07-Sep-20
Lighting Seeds 15-Mar-20 The Academy 20-May-21
Aslan 16-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 23-Sep-20
Horslips 17-Mar-20 The Olympia Theatre 14-Jan-21
The Who 18-Mar-20 3Arena 05-Mar-21
Grace Carter 18-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 12-Oct-20
King Krule 19-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 23-May-21
Seafret 20-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 07-Oct-20
Malaki 21-Mar-20 Whelans 18-Sep-20
I Prevail 21-Mar-20 The Academy 01-May-21
Jackie Beverly 21-Mar-20 Whelans 25-Sep-20
Everyone You Know 22-Mar-20 The Grand Social 19-Sep-20
Smino 22-Mar-20 Button Factory 05-Nov-20
William DuVall 25-Mar-20 Whelan’s 03-Mar-21
Stephanie Rainey 26-Mar-20 Button Factory upgraded to Whelan’s 19-Feb-21
Mario Rosenstock 27-Mar-20 Knocknarea Arena, Sligo 09-Oct-20
Cry Monster Cry 27-Mar-20 Pepper Cannister Church 02-Oct-20
The Doors Alive 27-Mar-20 The Academy Announcement Pending
DigDat 27-Mar-20 The Academy 04-Sep-20
Aimee 27-Mar-20 Whelans 07-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 28-Mar-20 Clanrea Hotel, Letterkenny 08-Oct-20
Scarypoolparty 28-Mar-20 Whelans 06-Dec-20
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
10am Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
10am Show
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
1pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
1pm Show
Peppa Pig 28-Mar-20
4pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 16-Jan-21
4pm Show
Why Axis 28-Mar-20 Academy Green Room 25-Sep-20
Elbow 28-Mar-20 3Arena 28-Aug-21
Elbow 29-Mar-20 Waterfront Hall 29-Aug-21
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
10am Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
10am Show
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
1pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
1pm Show
Peppa Pig 29-Mar-20
4pm Show
The Olympia Theatre 17-Jan-21
4pm Show
bbNo$ 29-Mar-20 The Academy 24-Nov-20
The Night Cafe 30-Mar-20 Academy 2 01-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 31-Mar-20 Olympia Theatre 01-Oct-20
David Gray 31-Mar-20 The SSE Arena, Belfast 23-Mar-21
Happyalone 01-Apr-20 The Sound House 19-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 01-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 12-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 02-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 13-Oct-20
William Prince 02-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 04-Oct-20
Happyalone 02-Apr-20 Roisin Dubh 16-Sep-20
David Gray 02-Apr-20 3Arena 25-Mar-21
David Gray 03-Apr-20 3Arena 26-Mar-21
Alex Gough 03-Apr-20 Bloody Mary’s, Upgraded to The Grand Social 24-Sep-20
Happyalone 03-Apr-20 Cyprus Avenue 17-Sep-20
Isaac Butler 03-Apr-20 The Sound House 09-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 03-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 15-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 04-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 16-Oct-20
David Gray 04-Apr-20 3Arena 27-Mar-21
Saarloos 04-Apr-20 The Button Factory 01-Oct-20
Pussycat Dolls 05-Apr-20 3Arena 30-May-21
New Hope Club 05-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre, Moving To The Academy 24-Aug-20
Big Heath 07-Apr-20 Academy 2 05-Feb-21
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 07-Apr-20 Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey 06-Apr-21
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 09-Apr-20 Leisureland, Galway 02-Apr-21
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 10-Apr-20 3Arena 07-Apr-21
Mario Rosenstock 10-Apr-20 Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny 16-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 11-Apr-20 Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny 30-Sep-20
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 11-Apr-20 Ulster Hall, Belfast 03-Apr-21
Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott 12-Apr-20 INEC, Killarney 04-Apr-21
John Gibbons 13-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 30-Sep-20
3 Hail Mary’s 14-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 01-Jun-21
3 Hail Mary’s 15-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 02-Jun-21
3 Hail Mary’s 16-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 03-Jun-21
Moncrieff 16-Apr-20 The Academy 12-Sep-20
3 Hail Mary’s 17-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 04-Jun-21
Sorcha Richardson 17-Apr-20 The Button Factory 10-Sep-20
Lydia Ford 17-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 02-Oct-20
Mario Rosenstock 17-Apr-20 Radisson Hotel, Athlone 04-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 18-Apr-20 The Dome,    Thurles 11-Sep-20
Will and the People 18-Apr-20 Whelan’s 20-Oct-20
Joesef 18-Apr-20 Workman’s Club 09-May-21
3 Hail Mary’s 18-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre, Matinee 3pm 05-Jun-21
3 Hail Mary’s 18-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 05-Jun-21
3 Hail Mary’s 19-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre, Matinee 3pm 06-Jun-21
Lilla Vargen 19-Apr-20 Whelan’s 21-Oct-20
Harry Styles 19-Apr-20 3Arena 19-Mar-21
Blanks 19-Apr-20 Academy 2 11-Oct-20
Jimothy Lacoste 20-Apr-20 Academy Green Room 14-Oct-20
Milton Jones 20-Apr-20 Cork Opera House, Cork 27-Apr-21
Milton Jones 21-Apr-20 Town Hall Theatre, Galway 28-Apr-21
Bexey 21-Apr-20 Academy Green Room 29-Aug-20
Rak-Su 22-Apr-20 The Academy 17-Feb-21
Simple Minds 22-Apr-20 3Arena 22-Feb-21
Pauric O’Meara 24-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 09-Oct-20
Hudson Taylor 24-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 29-Oct-20
Milton Jones 24-Apr-20 Millenium Forum, Derry 29-Apr-21
Milton Jones 25-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 30-Apr-21
Marcus Woods 25-Apr-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 03-Oct-20
State Lights 25-Apr-20 The Button Factory 15-Oct-20
Badhands 25-Apr-20 The Workman’s Club 12-Sep-20
Stomptown Brass 25-Apr-20 Opium Rooms 25-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 25-Apr-20 South Court Hotel, Limerick 25-Sep-20
Mario Rosenstock 26-Apr-20 Cork Opera House, Cork 24-Sep-20
Milton Jones 26-Apr-20 Ulster Hall, Belfast 01-May-21
Brian Deady 26-Apr-20 The Grand Social 09-Sep-20
Kawala 27-Apr-20 The Academy 23-Nov-20
The Last Waltz 30-Apr-20 Olympia Theatre 28-Feb-21
Jeremy Zucker 30-Apr-20 The Academy 30-Oct-20
Darwin Deez 30-Apr-20 Whelan’s 19-Mar-21
Dita Von Teese 01-May-20 Olympia Theatre 27-Apr-21
S-X 01-May-20 Academy 2 15-Oct-20
Nathaniel Rateliff 01-May-20 Olympia Theatre 30-Oct-20
Nathaniel Rateliff 02-May-20 Cork Opera House 31-Oct-20
Dita Von Teese 02-May-20 Olympia Theatre 28-Apr-21
Lime Cordiale 05-May-20 Whelan’s 14-Dec-20
Tom Rosenthal 07-May-20 The Academy 26-Feb-21
Thanks Brother 08-May-20 The Button Factory 23-Oct-20
Ben Portsmouth 08-May-20 Olympia Theatre 21-May-21
DMA’S 08-May-20 The Academy 25-Oct-20
DMA’S 09-May-20 The Academy 26-Oct-20
Ben Portsmouth 09-May-20 Olympia Theatre 22-May-21
Sophie Doyle Ryder 09-May-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 19-Sep-20
Feng Suave 09-May-20 Workman’s Club 23-Mar-21
Bambara 09-May-20 The Sound House 05-Aug-20
TV People 09-May-20 Bello Bar, Moving to Whelan’s Upstairs 24-Oct-20
Jet Fuel Chemistry 09-May-20 The Grand Social 13-Mar-20
Van Morrison 09-May-20 Millennium Forum, Derry 30-Apr-21
Van Morrison 10-May-20 Millennium Forum, Derry 01-May-21
Jordan Mackampa 10-May-20 The Grand Social 26-Nov-20
Nasty Cherry 13-May-20 Academy Greenroom 14-Nov-20
Inhaler 14-May-20 The Academy 01-Oct-20
Ian Brown 14-May-20 The Big Top, Limerick 29-Oct-20
Inhaler 15-May-20 The Academy 02-Oct-20
Ian Brown 15-May-20 Cork Opera House, Cork 30-Oct-20
Ian Brown 16-May-20 Leisureland, Galway 03-Nov-20
Inhaler 16-May-20 Limelight,    Belfast 03-Oct-20
3OH!3 16-May-20 The Academy 24-Jan-21
Emily 7 17-May-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 10-Oct-20
Teddy Swims 16-May-20 The Academy Announcement Pending
Inhaler 18-May-20 Cyprus Avenue, Cork 06-Oct-20
Ian Brown 18-May-20 Millennium Forum, Derry 02-Nov-20
Inhaler 19-May-20 Dolan’s,   Limerick 04-Oct-20
JP Saxe 19-May-20 Academy 2 21-Oct-20
TOPS 20-May-20 Whelan’s moved to Workman’s Club 12-Nov-20
Ian Brown 20-May-20 Olympia Theatre 31-Oct-20
Scotty McCreery 21-May-20 The Academy 07-Oct-20
Silverbacks 23-May-20 The Grand Social 28-Aug-20
Big Sleep 23-May-20 Bello Bar 07-Nov-20
The Scratch 23-May-20 The Academy 18-Dec-20
Brockhampton 25-May-20 Olympia Theatre 16-May-21
Alexandra Savior 27-May-20 Whelans 24-May-21
Kodaline 27-May-20 Olympia Theatre 09-Sep-20
Kodaline 28-May-20 Olympia Theatre 10-Sep-20
Local Boy 29-May-20 Workman’s Club 13-Nov-20
Caoilian Sherlock 29-May-20 Whelan’s Upstairs 30-Oct-20
Ricky Gervais 29-May-20 3Arena 15-Jan-21
Ricky Gervais 30-May-20 3Arena 16-Jan-21
Seba Safe 30-May-20 The Sound House 05-Nov-20
Bird On The Wire 31-May-20 Olympia Theatre 28-Mar-21
Kodaline 01-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 11-Sep-20
Dermot Kennedy 01-Jun-20 INEC Gleneagle, Killarney 14-Jun-21
Kodaline 02-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 12-Sep-20
Dermot Kennedy 02-Jun-20 INEC Gleneagle, Killarney 15-Jun-21
Dermot Kennedy 03-Jun-20 INEC Gleneagle, Killarney 16-Jun-21
Kodaline 03-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 14-Sep-20
Kodaline 05-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 15-Sep-20
Dermot Kennedy 05-Jun-20 St. Anne’s Park, Dublin 04-Jun-21
Alicia Keys 05-Jun-20 3Arena Announcement Pending
Lionel Richie 06-Jun-20 St.Anne’s Park, Dublin 05-Jun-21
Kodaline 06-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 16-Sep-20
Duran Duran 07-Jun-20 St. Anne’s Park, Dublin 13-Jun-21
Kodaline 08-Jun-20 Olympia Theatre 17-Sep-20
Ron Sexsmith 09-Jun-20 Liberty Hall, Dublin 28-Nov-20
Lisa McHugh 11-Jun-20 Whelans 08-Oct-20
The Killers 16-Jun-20 Malahide Castle 15-Jun-21
The Killers 17-Jun-20 Malahide Castle 16-Jun-21
Lewis Capaldi 18-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 16-Jun-21
Dua Lipa 18-Jun-20 3Arena 08-Jan-21
Dua Lipa 19-Jun-20 3Arena 09-Jan-21
Mario Rosenstock 19-Jun-20 INEC, Killarney 05-Sep-20
Gerry Cinnamon 19-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 18-Jun-21
Lewis Capaldi 20-Jun-20 Malahide Castle, Dublin 19-Jun-21
David Gray 20-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 19-Jun-21
Gerry Cinnamon 21-Jun-20 Malahide Castle, Dublin 20-Jun-21
The Script 23-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 22-Jun-21
Dermot Kennedy 26-Jun-20 Malahide Castle, Dublin 25-Jun-21
Picture This 26-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 25-Jun-21
Picture This 27-Jun-20 Malahide Castle, Dublin 26-Jun-21
Dermot Kennedy 27-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 26-Jun-21
Guns n’ Roses 27-Jun-20 Marlay Park, Dublin Announcement Pending 06-Jul-20
Green Day 29-Jun-20 Dublin 30-Jun-21
Michael Kiwanuka 29-Jun-20 Trinity Summer Series 28-Jun-21
Haim 30-Jun-20 Trinity Summer Series 29-Jun-21
The Chemical Brothers 30-Jun-20 Irish Independent Park, Cork 29-Jun-21
Crowded House 01-Jul-20 Trinity Summer Series 30-Jun-21
Keane 02-Jul-20 Trinity Summer Series 01-Jul-21
The Specials 04-Jul-20 Trinity Summer Series 05-Jul-21
Beck 05-Jul-20 Trinity Summer Series 04-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 08-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 14-Jul-21
Tom Jones 03-Jul-20 Energia Park, Donnybrook 02-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 09-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 15-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 10-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 16-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 11-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 4PM 17-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 11-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 8PM  17-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 12-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 1PM 18-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 12-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 5PM 18-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 14-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 20-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 15-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 21-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 16-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 22-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 17-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin 23-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 18-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 4PM 24-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 18-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 8PM 24-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo 19-Jul-20  3Arena, Dublin, 1PM 25-Jul-21
Cirque Du Soleil – Corteo  19-Jul-20 3Arena, Dublin, 5PM 25-Jul-21
Clutch 22-Jul-20 The Academy 21-Jul-21
Westlife 28-Aug-20 Páirc UÍ Chaoimh, Cork 27-Aug-21
Westlife 29-Aug-20 Páirc UÍ Chaoimh, Cork 28-Aug-21
JoJo 31-Aug-20 The Academy 06-Oct-21
A Tribute To Tina Turner 12-Sep-20 Waterfront Hall, Belfast 15-Jan-22
A Tribute To Tina Turner 13-Sep-20 Olympia Theatre 14-Jan-22
The Stunning 18-Sep-20 The Olympia Theatre 16-Oct-21
Jimmy Buffett 19-Sep-20 Olympia Theatre 20-Sep-21
Therapy? 25-Sep-20 Olympia Theatre 02-Apr-21
Fu Manchu 28-Sep-20 Button Factory 27-Sep-21
Alanis Morissette 01-Oct-20 3Arena 25-Oct-21
Texas 04-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 21-Sep-21
Texas 05-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 22-Sep-21
Texas 06-Oct-20 Waterfront Hall, Belfast 22-Sep-21
Simply Red 13-Oct-20 3Arena 06-Oct-21
The Chats 19-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 19-Apr-21
Andrea Bocelli 21-Oct-20 3Arena 07-Oct-21
Andrea Bocelli 22-Oct-20 3Arena 08-Oct-21
Mary Black 23-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 07-May-21
Paul Weller 25-Oct-20 Ulster Hall 25-Mar-21
Paul Weller 26-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 22-Mar-21
Paul Weller 27-Oct-20 Olympia Theatre 23-Mar-21
New Rules 07-Nov-20 Olympia Theatre 08-May-21
Ant Middleton 16-Nov-20 Olympia Theatre 04-Nov-21
Ant Middleton 17-Nov-20 Waterfront Hall, Belfast 02-Nov-21
Ant Middleton 18-Nov-20 Waterfront Hall, Belfast 03-Nov-21
Jason Isbell 19-Nov-20 Olympia Theatre 18-Nov-21
Teenage Fanclub 20-Nov-20 The Academy 23-Apr-21
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