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Electric Six

Thursday November 28 2024 | The Academy, Dublin | Doors: 7pm

Electric Six
Electric Six

MCD Presents
Electric Six

The Academy Dublin
November 28th 2024
Doors 7pm

Tickets on sale now!

Mixing garage rock, disco, punk, new wave, and metal into cleverly dumb, in-your-face songs celebrating hedonism in multiple forms, Electric Six found international success through a relentless touring and recording schedule and an unerring commitment to their over-the-top style, delivering energy and absurdity in equal measure. Electric Six have just announced their headline show in The Academy Dublin on November 28th 2024.

Tickets from €28 including booking fee on sale Friday 1st March at 10am 

After winning a local following as the Wildbunch, Electric Six scored a major hit in the U.K. in 2003 with the song "Danger! High Voltage," and their debut album Fire, released the same year, earned them a major cult following with tunes like "Dance Commander'' and "Gay Bar." From that point on, musicians would come and go from the Electric Six line up and the proportions of electronics to guitars would shift back and forth from album to album, but their essential formula of dance-friendly rock brimming with bombast and lunacy would never change. From 2005 onward, not a year would go by without a new E6 album and a string of shows in which Dick Valentine and co. would whip their fans into a frenzy. While the COVID-19 pandemic put them on pause for a while, 2021's covers set, Streets of Gold, put them back on their unstoppable schedule, and 2023's Turquoise, a set of originals, presented them in high spirited and irresponsible form. 

Electric Six. The band that put out an album a year for what seemed like 666 years. The most reliable act in show business, there was simply no question that each year would bring another E6 record on Metropolis Records. Mayans based their calendar on Electric Six. Flocks of migrating birds used the new Electric Six record as a homing device. Small-time criminals were sentenced to four to seven E6 albums with time off for wonderful behaviour. In a business so fickle, so unreliable, so difficult to navigate...the only constant was Electric Six. There was always an album a year.......until there wasn’t. 

Behold Turquoise is here, the long awaited studio album return of Electric Six!!! Perhaps the catchiest, brightest album in their catalogue, Electric Six reminds you how profoundly fun they can be, hitting you over the head with fourteen pop explosions guaranteed to burrow their way into your dance hole. 

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  • Thu 28th Nov 2024 | The Academy, Dublin | Tickets Available | Doors 7:00 PM

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